Uncashed Checks: Get the Money Back

Published: 02nd June 2010
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Uncashed checks remain a major contributor to the hoards of unclaimed cash safeguarded by US treasurer. Current estimates project the amount to be $33 billion. In spite of fervent efforts by the state, the cache is growing by the day and the government is finding it difficult to return the amount to its rightful owners.

Though the campaigns run by the government have shown positive results in terms of increased awareness about the unclaimed money, it is vital to initiate preventive measures to avoid such pile up in the future and stop unclaimed cash from burgeoning further.

Avoidance of incidents of uncashed checks is very vital in this regard. Most of these happen, especially at the time of moving from one town to another. During the transition, uncashed checks may result from:

• Utility deposit money: Most of the Americans do not bother to collect their utility deposits while moving out of town. These deposits, which are paid to the utility service provider for starting a service, are refundable at the time of termination of the service. However, most of us do not bother to follow proper service closer procedure or wait for about a month to receive the check.

• Bank accounts: While moving out of a place we often close our bank accounts, but do not collect the check for balance amount. These checks when sent to the address in the bank records, remains undelivered and uncashed.

• Tax refunds and insurance paybacks: We also fail to inform the tax department and insurance agencies about our changed address. These checks issued by these agencies remain uncashed since they are unable to reach us. Remember to informed concerned agencies, postal departments and neighbors about your new address.

• Paychecks: Many Americans also do not bother to collect the paychecks after quitting or changing a job. Many times, we leave job halfway in the month. Paychecks for the days when we did work arrives after the month is over. But by that time, we have already left the place and checks remain uncashed.

How to get back the money?

Millions of such uncashed checks issued by various departments and agencies are laying dormant with the state treasurers. Not only the checks, but also various types of financial instruments and properties are making the government worry about its disposal.

It is for sure that American citizens must take adequate procedural precautions for further avoidance of checks going uncashed; the present focus shall lay emphasis on getting the rightful owners to claim the cash owed to them. For all the responsible citizens, there are some easy ways to find if they own uncashed checks in their name.

Citizens can contact state treasurer office of not only your present state, but also of the other state in which you have stayed any time. Also, check out for the local newspapers. The list of the unclaimed cash owners is published regularly in them. Check for your name.

However, the easiest way is to log on to www.cashunclaimed.com. This is one of the largest databases of unclaimed cash in the world. Just by following a simple process of feeding your name in the site can show up if you own any unclaimed cash anywhere. Further, the site also guides in staking your claim to the cash that is rightfully yours. So, do not wait for any further, log in now.

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